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Michelle    Reimers


Welcome to Michelle Reimers’ main website where you can discover how an Akashic Record Reading can contribute to your creativity, self-empowerment and living your life on purpose. When you’re interested in accessing the wisdom from your own soul’s unique perspective and would like to further your alignment and clarity with your inner truths on absolutely any topic, you’ve come to the right place!

On this site you will find that the Akashic Records are an infinite resource located within your own heart that you can connect and draw from them at any time.  They have been with you since your soul's inception and can access and help you generate more freedom, choice and inspiration with all relationships so you can know deeper levels of courage, acceptance, joy and peace. When receiving a Reading, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a brightening of your Inner Light so you can live your days with more presence and authentic power.

What you will not find in having a session is any interference (into fear) with your ability to choose even under the most challenging of circumstances.  The Akashic Records are here to contribute to your well being and self-knowledge no matter the situation. They offer insights and suggestions with complete support, wisdom, love and consideration for your highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to you. 

It is your birthright to experience more goodness and make more healthy connections within this lifetime. Your Records are here so you can further harmonize and amplify your heart-centered creative genius.  They do so by meeting you wherever you are right now.  They have always been and will always be a part of you.  This is a safe place to let go, grow and go from.  The Akashic Records are here to support your conscious expansion and evolution one doable step at a time. 

Welcome to Akashic Record Reading with Michelle.

Welcome home.



K.L. Tasmania


        A friend once said to me...'This is the greatest gift you could possibly give yourself.' I jumped in.

I could never have imagined the depth of understanding that could be reached through a reading with Michelle. The way the pieces all came together to touch the deepest part of me, the fragments now whole again.  Her gift, this experience, has given me the courage to reach in and open the door, to shine a light on all that is me. It is the homecoming of a lifetime. 


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