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"There is great love for you here."

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       I feel happier, clearer, more confident and even more excited about the adventure I'm about to embark upon. The reading has shifted the context in which I understand my life in a way that gives me so much joy and sense of connection. I feel extraordinarily blessed.

You are a truly gifted and compassionate reader.



M.L. Scotland



Akashic What?

Pronounced "ah-kah-shick"

The word "Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "ether", "primary substance" or "air".  The name "Akashic Records" was popularized here in the West in the 1800's. It's been called by many names through the ages all around the world however; its meaning has always remained the same.

Here is a brief list of common names that the Akashic Records are also known by:

  • The Unified Field (Ervin Lazlo and quantum physicists)

  • The Collective Consciousness (Carl Jung)

  • The Book of Life (Judaism, Christianity)

  • The Book of Two Truths (Egyptian)

  • The Great Storehouse (Mayans and Aborigines)

The Akashic Records is a spiritual, soul based resource without any religious, political or other organization affiliation.

Ways to Access

Personally, I have experimented over the years accessing the Akashic Records in a number of different ways with the primary ingredient being to drop out of my head and into my heart.  I have found using my beloved teacher Dr Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer Process© from her book entitled "How to Read the Akashic Records" to be an extraordinary key to reliably accessing the energy and wisdom of the Akashic Records each and every time for myself and others.

Other practices that can access the Akashic Records that you might have come across are...

  • Reiki 

  • Hypnosis 

  • Some forms of meditation such as the one taught in the workshop Awakening the Illuminated Heart

  • Coma

  • Near Death Experience

  • Transition (Death)

Your Akashic Records can only be accessed with your permission and are accessed down and in through the heart. 

Two Memory Banks

You know all about the memory bank in your head called the brain. It has been recording since sometime in utero all the way up to this present moment. It thinks linearly and creates the concept of time and space. When it's time for your physical body to return to the Earth, your mental memories will cease as well. This memory bank is finite.  The brain is all about duality.  Right and wrong, black and white, good and bad.  It's all about duality from the heads perspective.

Your soul's memory bank is accessed through the heart not the brain.  Modern day heart/consciousness researchers like Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ervin Laszlo and the Heart Math Institute are studying, proving and sharing their findings and expanding current perceptions of what else your heart is capable of beyond what you learned in anatomy class. What they are finding is what the ancients all knew but in modern day language.  There is a field of energy around your heart that has been recording since your soul's inception.  It sees life more spherically than linearly and is not limited by time or space. This memory bank is infinite.  It has recordings of your past; it is recording right now and is recording future potentials using your present moment energy frequencies. Your heart understands the duality of the mind and then focuses on finding and creating what is in your highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to you.  And when you're physical heart stops beating, don't worry.  You'll take your soul's memories with you.  For you are forever creating, expanding and learning!

Why Now?

The Records have always existed.  Shamans, rabbis, monks, nuns, mystics and scholars like the Rosicrucians have kept this knowledge secret for thousands of years. Many went through long and challenging processes to ensure their safety while living through the darkest cycle here on Earth that has just ended.

You are in the first wee hours of morning following your soul's calling in this moment.  You've chosen to be here at this vital period to help birth a new age.   Birth is never without its challenges.  The Akashic Records are like a kind of wise midwife who has always and will always record all of your births and transitions.  They are here powerfully supporting you as you make connections, let go of outdated ideas and they beautifully hold space for you so you can find your own unique way through. Your Akashic Records are still perfectly intact after all the triumphs and tragedies of the past.  They are ready to assist you wherever you currently are whether you learn how access them for yourself or have an Akashic Record Reader deliver the messages for you.  It's all in perfect sequence.  You'll know when it's time open them.

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