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     Before your session, plan to give yourself space to settle down and have some quiet solitude. Reflect on your story, jot down your questions, make a cup of tea, use the restroom, grab a pen and paper to take notes and simply breathe.  

     I will call you at your session time via phone if you are in the United States, Canada or Mexico or through Skype audio (world wide). No need to worry about looks, surroundings or driving conditions.

I do not offer sessions in person or through video at this time.  

If you are beyond the United States, Mexico or Canada or simply prefer using skype audio over your phone, please contact me through your Skype account.  

My Skype handle is 


     First time clients
Readings are available on a variety of days between
11 am and 7 pm 
Pacific Time is  also known as -8 hrs GMT...Greenwich Mean Time as I am physically located in Joshua Tree, California.
If you can't find a time or day that works with your schedule/time zone on my calendar, please feel free to contact me and we can work it out.
When you click the "Book Here" button below, you can see all time and payment options.  Once you've decided how much time you'd like to spend with your Akashic Records, schedule directly on the online calendar and make your payment in just a few clicks.  I will send you the following before your session:
#1 Confirmation of your scheduled appointment
#2 A welcome email before your appointment with suggestions on how you can get the most out of your session.

     After your reading, allow yourself some time to do something gentle and ordinary to assist you in integrating the energy and information that you will have received during your Akashic Record Reading. Walk the cat, pat the dog, play with the fish, go outside...just be.

     Recording your session is up to you.  

I personally do not offer any type of recordings of private Akashic Record Readings. Most clients keep it simple and bring a pen and paper with them to the session.  Some clients like to audio record the session as well for different reasons.  This is a personal preference.  Recordings are secondary to the actual Akashic Record Reading because this work is always energy before information.  Do whatever feels best to you.

     Gift Certificates

To redeem a gift from a loved one...
#1   Click the "Book Here" button below and select 
"Redeem Gift Certificate".  This option allows you to make an appointment without payment.
#2  Choose whatever amount of time you were gifted to explore your Records and follow the prompts.  
#3   Leave a message in the space provided after you've given your contact information telling me who gave you the gift and I will guide you through the rest.  

Gift Certificates do not expire. ​

PLEASE NOTE: New Gift Certificates are not being issued at this time for a number of reasons.  
Any that have not been used will still be honored.

Any questions feel free to contact me.  
      Follow Up Sessions
Let your Light shine AND save some money!

If you've had a reading in the LAST 21 DAYS with me and would love another session with your Records & Guides or perhaps another part of your life such as getting to open up an animal's, property, career etc...this special reduced rate was created for you! Sometimes during particular phases in life you may be guided to the Records more frequently. Remember this reduced rate is here to support your evolutionary process.  You don't have to have your session within 21 days of your last reading.  Just set a future date on my online calendar and make the follow up session rate payment and save some money!
Otherwise, day 22 and beyond from your last Record Reading, the regular rate applies. 

60 min. for $88 (reg rate $133) 
75 min. for $99 (reg rate $144)
90 min. for $111 (reg rate $155)
    Donations Helping Animals
10% of your purchase and 100% of all tips/gratuities as well as any left over session time clients request to have donated on their behalf will be given to,  This is an AMAZING organization I have volunteered with for almost a decade that works with the mobile hospital spay4LA, and together we help South Los Angeles animals find forever homes. 
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