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Akashic Record Readings are for informational purposes only. Michelle Reimers is not a licensed lawyer, physician, therapist, or clergy member.  


Michelle has been actively practicing the art of Akashic Record Reading since 2007.  She graduated in 2011 from The Dr. Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago and holds current certifications as an Advanced Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Healing Practitioner and Akashic Records Teacher.  Michelle also personally studied and completed her internship in London with Master Simon G. Brown of the UK Feng Shui Society and received both a Japanese Compass Method and Nine Ki Astrology Practitioner Certifications in 2004.

Participating in an Akashic Record Reading with Michelle Reimers, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself.  You ALWAYS have the power of choice. However you choose to use or not to use any of the information that may come forward during your Akashic Record Reading is completely up to you and you only.  

All readings with Michelle are confidential.  

All sessions are non refundable.


If you "feel complete" or "feel full" before your session is up, the remaining time can be either applied to your next session or donated.  All donations go directly to help homeless animals in Los Angeles. 


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your reading within 10 minutes after the opening of your Akashic Records, a full refund will be issued to the purchaser on file.  


Courtesy is appreciated in case of an emergency. Please contact Michelle at least 24 hours prior to your session to reschedule.  


At the time of your Akashic Record Reading, Michelle will call you at the phone number you provide WITHIN the lower 48 states.


If you will be physically located for your session BEYOND the lower 48 United States simply log onto Skype.  Send a contact request directly to Michelle at the Skype address Michelle.Reimers111 with a message introducing yourself.  This is a convenient and reliable way to have your session either through Skype voice or upon special request through Skype video anywhere in the world without additional long distance charges being added to your invoice.

At the scheduled appointment time and if you do not pick up, she will use her best efforts to reach you.  If she is unable to connect with you within 10 min. after your scheduled time, your appointment will be considered cancelled without refund.  

Akashic Record Readings are for individuals 18 years or older.  

When doing a reading on a property animal, plant, stone or object, certain guidelines apply.  

Contact Michelle for more details.

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