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Happy Winter Solstice

The intention of this offer is...

1. To support you as you continue to evolve, find more creative solutions and use this segment in your journey to nourish yourself.

2. Free up more energy around the same subject or a different subject such as with a particular animal, your home, with your ancestry, past lives, your inner alchemist, your inner artist or magical child within etc..

3. To amplify your brilliant and beautiful Light here on this precious planet.  You are connected to everything and everyone here and beyond.  You are not alone.  When you choose to take the simple action of looking within and you begin to remember your true nature aka power... EVERYONE benefits and it gives all of us permission to do the same. 

Honor whatever feels best to you.

Go the way your being guided.

This is just a little offering, 

another potential.

Whatever you choose to do with it is absolutely perfect!

In joy,


You are your soul's dream.


It was an absolute honor and joy to meet you in the heart and hold space for you.  Thank you for your trust.

With gratitude I'd like to offer you a special discount on your next Akashic Recrd Reading.  

For the next 3 weeks (21 days),

all sessions you book for yourself will

be at the FOLLOW UP SESSION rate!  

60 min. for $55 (reg. $88)

75 min. for $66 (reg. $99)

90 min. for $77 (reg. $111)

You don't have to have the session in the next 3 weeks,

just book the date and make your payment within the next 3 weeks.

To book, click this link below

Remember to select the option FOLLOW UP SESSION and save money.

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