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I grew up in Massachusetts.  My mother's family emigrated from Poland, my father's family from Scotland and Ireland. I am the oldest of 4 children. I am the visual artist of the bunch and was the first to creatively drop out of college.  After the art schooI experiment, I joined the work force.  After 156 different jobs, I discovered there is no power in force. I traveled. I met the love of my life Paul. Together we moved to California and later married. I fell in love with Feng Shui and the art of placement and discovered I could read the energy of a space accurately and with fluency. I had a successful a decade plus career as a practitioner and then I started feeling a big change was coming again. I knew I was about to expand like never before.

My spiritual journey did not actually begin with a near death experience and the loss of a child, yet it was this very experience that awakened me to my own soul, to my inner voice and is how I found the Akashic Records in this lifetime. 


It was a rainy autumn day in 2007 when my husband Paul found my pale, motionless body on our hallway floor. I was bleeding to death internally, having my 3rd miscarriage. Rushed to the hospital, a team of surgeons slit my abdomen from hip to hip to save my life. My heart stopped as did our son’s. In that place between worlds, I saw our son’s soul and I knew my own. I couldn’t stop drinking in the exquisite Light and purity of Love of that almost indescribable space. I was then presented with one of the most difficult choices I've ever had to stay incarnate and let go of the dream of being the mother I thought I’d be in this lifetime or move into the Light and leave this world and the love of my life, my sweet husband Paul behind. Either way, I was going to have to let go. I watched our son joyfully merge with the infinite Light and Love of a thousand suns from which he came and my heart re-started one minute and twenty three seconds later. 1. 2. 3.


I was welcomed back into my body by plunging head first into the cold, dark, deep end of grief and depression...nothing short of pure hell. I was in anguish. I was suffering. All I kept thinking was that I wanted to go home and back to that state of Grace. I felt disconnected and severed from my life. This was my dark night of the soul.  I wasn’t in a financial position to buy help. I couldn’t afford therapy, medication or alternative treatments. Believe me; I would have if I could have. Somewhere in me I knew there had to be a reason for all of this, I just couldn’t remember what it was. My mind was out of answers.  

I drew on my ability to read and headed to the library. Through the outer library I discovered my inner library called the Akashic Records. I had to seek and know myself and remember how to read for myself again.  This hell I was living, step by precious step, proved to be the perfect incubator to my freedom.  It was the most intense and beloved experiences I have ever seen myself through. 


The biggest difference the Akashic Records has made in my life and continues to do is to assist me with not just salvaging this existence but to really help me let go of numerous levels of anguish I've been holding on inside for a very long time. They taught me how to trust the song of my soul again and move with and then through the pain. All the while giving me doable suggestions that when I applied them, began recreating my life from the inside out with a much deeper, more conscious and balanced awareness. As with any adventure, sometimes it was treacherous and difficult. Other times, fast and easy. Most of the time it was a steady drip by drip, day by day energy and information that got me back into shape and produced a more harmonious and authentic me.

The overall result for me: I made peace. I made peace with all kinds of pieces of my puzzle, not just the easy corners and edges! I made peace with the dynamic water and fire elements I was born to master.  I made peace with the Mother, the Artist and the Teacher within that I chose to explore, to heal and morph in this lifetime.  I made peace with difficult family relationships that I never thought would budge in a million years.   I made peace with this wild  human life I get to live.  

In everyday terms, the Akashic Records has become my own weather report, my own satellite view on the world around me straight from Source. When I choose to use the guidance, my creativity kicks in and projects tend to go much more smoothly. I’m better prepared for the passing storms that may pop up and when it's time to kick back and enjoy the sunshine...I have a much easier time letting go and actually being fully present to the art of rest. I have a deeper awareness of my world that enables better maneuverability in my day.

What always amazes me about opening the Akashic Records is I get to fall in love every single time. When I drop into my heart and open the Records, that same exquisite light showers me with what I can only describe as grace.  This space holds me in unconditional love and complete acceptance.  It's just like I experienced walking between worlds all those years ago.  I come Home and it feel soooo good.  


Literacy as we know created the modern world. From the printing press to the internet, it has the power to change lives. The Akashic Records make soul level literacy humanly possible.  To recognize one's own greatness and then take the next simple step and expand from there is our birthright and yields tremendous freedom.  

The Records have been a profound tool in my life. They consistently help my mind to open and release to the radiant intelligence of my own heart. These living archives illuminate and intensify more loving energy into every aspect of my world. The Records are alive within each of us and in every animal, and in every place, space, crystal, plant, planet...there are Books of Life everywhere! The most fascinating one I have ever found however was my very own.  For this, I am eternally grateful.  


It is my honor, joy and pleasure to read the Akashic Records and to teach how to open them to anyone seeking to remember their way through the brilliance of their own heart.  


You are the greatest story you've ever known.

There is great love for you here.                       

Michelle is a clairvoyant and clairaudient and has actively been working with and practicing the art of Akashic Record Reading for herself and for others great and small around the world since 2007.  She holds multiple current certifications for reading and teaching through the Dr. Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago.  Michelle and her husband Paul Reimers who teaches classes and workshops on consciousness and the heart, sacred geometry and subtle energy online soon in person again. The two can be found most mornings swinging on their porch sipping sun tea and watching the wild high desert animals meander by among a plethora of native plants. Michelle and Paul happily reside with their adopted chickens and cats in beloved Joshua Tree, California.






Michelle A.M. Reimers CA,ARRT

Certified Advanced Akashic Record Reader & Teacher 

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