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is ALSO seeking you." - R u m i   

"What you seek



What can I expect 

to come through a Reading?

Specifics are different for each person.  Your soul has access to everything that is essential for your development right now including past, present and future.  It shares only what is most relevant for your life now so you can take your best next step.  

Every single reading is different, even when doing multiple readings on a particular theme.  With each understanding made during and after an Akashic Record Reading, there is a level of change, adaptation and evolution involved. Sometimes readings are like a soft breeze.  Other readings are more like a stream in spring and will keep giving and giving and giving with even more connections and sychronicities presenting themselves during and after a Reading.   The Akashic Records that include your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones assist me in delivering your soul’s messages with deep love and respect while also taking into consideration your highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to you.  


It is your choice how to use the energy and information or not, however you see fit.

What is a session like?

Sessions begin with me giving you a call at the scheduled session time and together we will settle in. Then, with your permission, I will read a sacred prayer (no religious affiliation) and your Akashic Records (or an animal's Records or a crystals Records or a piece of property etc...) will open. You'll be invited to share what's been on your mind.  You'll get to tell your side of the story and ask any questions you’d like.  This is a very important step not to be missed! When you speak during an Akashic Record Reading, the energy of your heart opens and you get an energy tune up.  You may or may not sense it right away however it will be happening. I do not give, take or manipulate energy in anyway.  All energy is coming from your own radiant heart.  It is an extraordinary tool and knows how to do this perfectly.

Opening and exploring the Akashic Records is 100% safe.

Once the energy starts to amplify, information follows from your Akashic Record's memory bank within your heart's energy field.  This is different than the psychic or astral realms that go up and out.  This work is done by dropping down and into the heart. Akashic Record Reading is always about energy first and information second.  Root causes, conditions and origins can be located as well as themes that you are have explored can be uncovered.  You can discover your own truths and discover the best next steps to take with the assistance of all of your beloved Guides.  

Anything you say and whatever comes forward through your Reading I keep confidential.

This is a sacred conversation you will be having between you and your own soul.   I am simply the messenger between worlds.  I will be fully conscious the entire session.  I am not a practicing psychic, medium or channel.  Your Akashic Records know what information will best support you in making shifts.  If your mind requires more clarification or more information, you can ask at any time while your Akashic Records are open.  When your session is complete, I will simply close your Akashic Records by reading the rest of the prayer.

What can I ask?  

A combination of both story and questions are quite powerful and can create exceptional Akashic Record Readings.  The best questions to ask your Akashic Records start with WHAT, WHY or HOW as they yield the most energy and information.  Asking questions hook a great deal of energy and the information simply flows.

Questions beginning with WHEN and WHERE (seeking predictions of time or space) and close ended questions (seeking a quick one word "yes" or "no" answer) yield little or no information.  Pendulums, tarot cards, astrology, numerology or a good psychic are more suited for these kinds of questions. 

The reason for this is that your Akashic Records as well as your Guides who are supporting you are not bound by time or space.  They are all about energy and the sequencing of energy to build you up and get you to your own particular next level.  They know you would not be satisfied being told what to do with yes and no answers like a child. Yes, they can make suggestions and even ask you questions.  Your Akashic Records will never interfere with your power of choice. 

How many subjects can I

bring to a single Reading?

You can come asking about one subject or multiple subjects, whatever resonates with you.  I have found over the years through working in my own Akashic Records and with hundreds of others that when exploring multiple and/ or seemingly unrelated topics, they are often connected. Also, going deeper into one subject frequently can answer other questions  not even mentioned in a session. This has always fascinated me as a Reader.  You do what resonates best for you before your Reading and then just be open and curious about your own unique unfoldment.

What can the Records

help me with?


  • They can help give you clarity/ perspective

  • They can help you make more healthy connections

  • They can help you with letting go and locating more freedom

  • They can help you with the art of transition

  • They can help you remember your harmony

What areas can I explore?


  • All forms of relationships inside and out ...areas of attraction, avoidance, neutrality

  • Working with and understanding angels, ascended masters, ancestors, teachers, animals, elementals, guides in form and beyond this side of the veil

  • Creativity

  • Origins, roots, best next steps

  • Homes, businesses, land, water etc...

  • Crystals, plants

  • Family ancestry

  • Past/parallel lives

  • Mental patterns

  • Emotional states

  • The physical body

  • Money

You know what you've been curious about..those areas that nudge and tug at you.  Light or dark doesn't matter. Bring them to explore!  If you've been having questions about something, I suggest taking it as a sign that it's time to find out more from your authentic self.  It's a common way that Guides communicate when there is more to be learned and experienced.

How do I prepare for a session?

After you have booked online your Akashic Record Reading,

you’ll receive a confirmation and a welcome email from me that will include suggests on how to best prepare for your session.​ 

PLEASE NOTE:  Akashic Record Readings with Michelle are for individuals 18 years and older.  If doing a reading for an animal or property certain guidelines apply. Feel free to contact me with questions or for more details.


       Thank you for being a part of my path. I feel more clarity again. Each time I talk to you it feels like a step closer into my deepest truth. You put my feelings into words.  This is so essential for me at this time.  This last reading was a confirmation that comforts my mind-soul through this last step of transformation.  I trust myself and the Universe that I can.



D.S. Ontario


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