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The Magic of Clarity

M.M. Pennsylvania

        I had a remarkable Akashic record reading last week with Michelle. She is a clear and open channel and shared with me parts of myself that I have forgotten. My reading brought me a sense of ease I have not felt up until now and a sigh of relief to know that I am exactly where I need to be. I feel confident walking my path knowing there is no rush and to be at peace within myself. So much magic and clarity came through this reading and I highly recommend getting a reading with Michelle. Her kindness, compassion, empathy and love can be felt throughout the entire reading. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Easy-Going Process

J.M. California

        Michelle's introduction and information about the Akashic Record reading was calming and reassuring.  She listened to my questions and my story.  I loved the easy going process and I got my questions answered. I have referred others to Michelle for readings because I know she is working with integrity in the Akashic Records.  I am grateful for her readings.

        Thank you for the reading and for validating me so beautifully. You are such a heart-filled soul!  I feel newly inspired and newly uplifted with a wonderful new direction and purpose.  Thank you. You are truly gifted at these readings.  I found the entire experience one of sweetness and healing.  Thank you sooo much.                                                        

Direction Emerges

E.S. Maryland

Through the Messy Parts

F.R. France

        You have no idea how much opening up my own Akashic Records means to me -- it is always so helpful to see someone on the other side of this mess reminding me that it will get better. I know that it will, in my heart, but it can be so hard to remember in my head. I am very thankful to have you in my life, Michelle helping me remember. It has made all the difference.

My First Record Reading

Jade King NYC

          Before I started working with Michelle, I did not know what an Akashic record was or even an Akashic reading. But my intuition drew me to Michelle's website. After reading her info, I decided to get a reading from her. To tell you the truth, I was nervous and very skeptical because I for one never had a reading done over the phone before only face to face. However, my intuition told me that she was the one and just trust. So I did.


My intuition was right on the money. My first reading was mind blowing!!!! I knew things about myself that were utterly amazing and enlightening. I love that my own heart talks to me and that Michelle is the medium for the translation to anything I want to know about myself.  I felt a connectedness to her, a deep trust from my first session on.


I can say without a doubt that after a session you will be rejuvenated and cleansed. You will expand your knowing and the true power that you have within yourself.  It is never is and always will be with you. You just have to tap into it.....and Michelle helps you tap into it beautifully.

My Follow Up Readings

C.S. California

Connection to Animals 

G.S. New Hampshire

        I am so fortunate to have found Michelle in this lifetime.  For the last 10 months, follow up sessions with her have become a part of my routine and I am always eager to receive clarification and inspiration from events occurring in my life.  

I utilize our sessions to talk to my own heart and my guides and remove blocks that I'm feeling. This process has provided tremendous healing from my soul's past to current life's experiences.   It's also flat out EXCITING to know where my soul has been and what it has to say about my now!  I feel this work brings me closer to myself by having a better understanding of who I am and I am able to better navigate and make the best life choices with fewer gaps. 

My family and I have gotten closer which is something I've been working towards since working with Michelle. My mom and I can't wait to share what we've learned about our history and what we're all healing in the process on so many levels.  Michelle is our family reader and WE LOVE IT!

I love making progress! I encourage everyone to have a session with Michelle.  She is spot on and you owe it to yourself to have that deeper connection with your spirit.  One session can change your life!  It did with me and my family. There is so much love in here!

Doable Guidance

In Busy Times 

T.C. Vermont

        I am much calmer in my body and soul after our meeting last week.  Not so tight and rigid. I am now catching myself in the midst of this pattern and shifting to see bigger. Seeing more and being present.  Not easy with such a busy life but doable. Thank you for the work you do and helping me feel connected in my life.  I love you.

Finding My Voice

M.J. California

        When I do my records together with you the records almost instantly starts running and finishing stories and sentences for me I haven't been able to express out loud.   Layer upon layer.  In this life I have experienced an abundance of loss. Years and decades of close people gone. Thank you for giving me a safe space and permission to mourn.


        I have had what I consider a lot of experience with the Akashic Records and have worked with many different readers over the years. It has been a great source of knowledge, support and has kept my life expanding. Michelle is very clear and precise in her readings which have allowed me to go into great depth. I have uncovered layer after layer through our readings together. A great deal of weight has lifted and lightness is the result.

Experience With Readings

D.C. Maryland

Stepping Into Purpose

C.S. Illinois

        Thank you for all you revealed at my reading. I am still fascinated by what I learned and find myself thinking about what was discussed daily. I have already started taking the appropriate steps to fulfill my destiny. First, I quit THAT job. I am now beginning my studies into the field I am being called toward. I am so excited for what lies ahead doing what I believe I was put on this earth to help others reach higher levels of wellness through fitness. I found this entire experience of opening my records to be so cool and incredibly helpful. I wish I would have found you 20 years ago!!!

        It has always been a lifelong dream to be able to communicate with animals.  I will never give up on that dream. My love for my beloved animal friend is indescribable and to know that he is OK was enormous for me. I just wanted to tell you how much my reading with you meant to me.  Thank you.

Feeling Better Goes Viral 

J.G.F. Pennsylvania

        I just can't stop talking about how amazing I feel after my readings, and my friends want in on the good vibes! Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Help With Depression

A.H. Nevada

        I felt so dark inside.  I was relieved to experience light seeping through the entire session.  There was a kind of "mind ease" that I haven't felt in a very long time.

I Made Space & 

Money Moved In

A.P. Massachusetts

       Once again, I am filled with GRATITUDE for you Michelle and for sharing your gifts.  For the way you have been guided into my life and the help you have given me by holding a sacred space of healing. I am truly BLESSED.  

In addition to saying thank you, I’d love to share something funny.  

This morning as I was cleaning up my office as my Guides had recommended. I was moved to look in the computer at my bank statement.  This was unusual for me as I knew I had less than $10 in my account.   Why would I be drawn to look at it?   But I was and so I did.   There in my account was more than $3,000!  I have been working with a company who was suppose to reimburse me monies owed but they said it would take more than 4 weeks.  It was less than 1 week since I spoke to them and less than 24 hours since I went into the Akashic Records.  Needless to say, I was surprised, relieved and filled with gratitude :)  Love to you and Blessings of Pure source energy today and every day.  Just thought you would enjoy my story. 

New Paradigms Happen 

S.P. Costa Rica

        BIG changes have happened since my last reading with you a few months ago! The guidance channeled through you was integral to my journey. It feels paradoxically inexorable and miraculous that I am here now.  I am looking forwards to this new cycle, this new spiral into a new lifestyle paradigm.  Thank you so very much for your help at a pivotal time in my life.

Relationship Complete

A.K. California

        My reading gave me the tools to complete this lifetime with my friend who passed away.  It showed me how to be free to bring in new love into this life time if I choose to do so. The reading left me feeling so good about the time I spent with him and I felt such peace, comfort and completeness. I also moved on very quickly and started paving the road for new life experiences to come forward. And most of all, you gave me past life information on us that put all the puzzle pieces together for me with our relationship in this lifetime. Happy to say moving on is a lot smoother. Thank you Michelle for all the work that you do.

Soul Answers Motivate

S.R. Arizona

        A new way of living is on the horizon. With this new dawn there are many questions with profound and effortless soul level answers.  Michelle Reimers is an amazing intuitive guide with a joy in her voice that lifts your spirits the moment she says hello and welcome! This was my first experience with an Akashic records reading and I am hooked.  Michelle's style and excellent gifts of translating the intentions of my soul are offered in ways that motivate me, heal me and inspire me to experience this life on earth in the fullness of all possibilities. I am grateful to have been divinely led to her and I am excited for my life. Thank you Thank you Michelle!

Allowing My Process

& Finding Freedom

R.K. California

        I felt the energy and information flow with greater and greater intensity throughout the reading on a very deep level and it felt so freeing.  I am so glad that I found you and for reading to me with such patience and dedication. Thank you for your service!

The Artist Awakens

T.G.M. Hawaii

        The reading I had landed in me like the strike of a big Tibetan bell reverberating into my core.  The wheels are in motion.  I am once again imagining and dreaming!

Permission to Play

G.L. Arizona

        "Thank you so much for the insights and confirmation I've always wanted.  This time I heard the message loud and clear.  It's time to get out of my own way and play doctor!!!  Love, love love."

Body Relaxes

& the Family Shifts

M.C. New York

        What a profound journey having an Akashic Record Reading with you Michelle and it continues to be!


Interestingly, 4 minutes after we said goodbye and hung up, I received a call from a relative saying that they were going into therapy.  This is amazing as they would never seek the help of a therapist of any kind! 

The same day I went out to eat with another family member.  They were brighter and more engaged.  The conversation was pleasurable and full of laughter.  I normally leave these visits feeling heavy and often "sucked dry" and instead I truly had a wonderful time! 


The next day I listened to my body as you had encouraged me to do.  I was feeling light headed and slow moving.   I chose to relax in the healing waters of the beautiful Yuba River and support my process and that too passed. I really feel a huge burden was lifted off my heart and I feel another level of freedom is now available to me. 


Many, MANY thanks Michelle for finding your true soul's path in this lifetime and for having the courage to stay on it and offer it to us.  It is wonderful to meet with you “again” in this amazing life.   My love to you.

Gaining Valuable Perspective

M.C. California

        I found my Akashic Record reading with Michelle to be rich in both meaning and insight.  My inquiries into current day life situations and personal relationships were met with Michelle's profound empathy and highly skilled precision as she read the book of my soul.  I went away from our session feeling a powerful sense of compassion, not only for myself, but also the people in my life.  The deeper understanding I gained as a result of the Akashic Record reading continues to be a great source of comfort and inspiration for me.  Thank you dearly sweet Michelle.

Remembering Wholeness

H.C. California

        Basking in humble thanks for meeting you at this time in my life.  The long needed healings I have received are priceless.  Thank you for helping the healer heal.

Strength in the

Hardest of Hours 

C.S. Mexico

       As difficult as it was (lots of crying)...WHEW!  I really feel so much better and stronger. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and  guidance!

1 Year Later

Q.W. China

        I can't believe it’s been a year since my last reading with you. It feels like just a few months ago! I remembered this one message from the reading so clearly...Go inside of yourself.  

I desperately wanted to go out and travel. I sort of understand it then but not to the depth I understand now. Be inside myself. 

This past year I followed through with the guidance from that message. I released so much anger that I had no idea how deep it was within me and really started learning how to attune within myself. I was such a head strong person and I would lie to myself and against my own guiding system to please others. The truth is nobody gets pleased at the end, in fact, everyone gets hurt. There is so much to learn about self-love, unconditional love. I want to thank you again to bring that message to me!

Courage & Facing the Unknown

T.L. Arizona

Confirmations & Realizations Surface

K.K. Germany

        I can't thank you enough for helping me face the unknown. Incredible!  I went to a meeting last night and made some great connections. I still don't know what I want to do so until I decide, I will practice being patient and wise in mind and body.  I received much guidance from my record reading last week and will proceed fearlessly/less shakey!  Thanks again Michelle.   I look forward to another reading in the not too distant future. You are amazing!!!

       I embrace your heart in gratitude for the last Reading we had, it was amazing, so very healing and calming for me.  I recognized patterns within myself which do not serve me anymore, so now I can work on them and just find that space for my soul to grow. My records confirmed what I felt already within myself. So thank you, thank you, thank you for shining your light. It is a truly wonderful work you are doing!

Ancient Issue Resolves

B.M. California/Ireland

         Thank you for guiding me on the most sacred and amazing journey on Saturday. I am truly humbled to know that all of these extraordinary beings were there to assist me as I integrated and resolved this ancient issue I've had. It's really hard to find the words to express my profound thanks for this precious gift. Can't wait to see where this leads me. 'Looks like this is the beginning a beautiful friendship' as Humphrey Bogart said in Casablanca. One of my all time faves!

        Thank you for helping me talk to my son.  My spiritual family was giggling in a playful way telling me we are not finished.  Your guidance is blessed with LOVE.  It is my grateful pleasure to have found you my "soul sista"! Namaste. 

Peace in the Unfinished 

B.M. South Carolina 

        I have received so much guidance from my Akashic Record reaidngs with Michelle.  One area

where I was especially grateful for her help was with how to make the best choice for my elderly cat.  He was such a great friend and I wanted to do the best for him in dealing with his significant health challenges.  I also, selfishly, wanted him to stay in his physical body to be with me as long as possible.


When Michelle opened up my cat's Akashic Records, guidance came that was clear, beautiful and I could tell it was from him.  Even his physical response was evidence of what had been communicated during and after the reading. Deep, soul-level guidance is always powerful and I believe it's especially so when it's given on behalf of those who can't speak for themselves.

An Animal's Heart Speaks to His Human Friend

P.R. California

        I found my Akashic Record reading with Michelle to be rich in both meaning and insight.  My inquiries  into current day life situations and personal relationships was met with Michelle's profound empathy and highly skilled precision as she read the book of my soul.  I went away from our session feeling a powerful sense of compassion, not only for myself, but also the people in my life.  The deeper understanding I gained as a result of the Akashic Record reading continues to be a great source of comfort and inspiration for me.  Thank you dearly sweet Michelle.

Getting to the Source


        Thank you so much for the reading yesterday! Wow. Incredible! I’ve been digesting and integrating it all. Last night, as I found the self-compassion for living this particular experience, I could feel a change in the energy about it within myself. I was certainly a focused and diligent person in that other life which are qualities I have carried through to this one for sure!  Thank you so much for your presence with me. You are so sweet and I’m sure you will see me again quite soon!"

A Gift from a Past Life

A.B. United States 

       I’ve had all kinds of readings most of my adult life. This was my first Akashic Record Reading.  It was by far the most powerful one I’ve ever experienced, EVER!  I received clarity, answers and the most amazingly beautiful guidance on a question that I have been deeply struggling with for over a decade.  I am unable to express fully the profound gratitude for the freedom I am still feeling weeks later.   I HIGHLY recommend having a reading with Michelle.  Get ready for a significant shift!!!”   

Shift Happens

G.O. Wisconsin 



        I would like to thank each and every one of you above for giving me permission to publish your beautiful and unique voices for those seeking to find.  Your words have touched my heart deeply.  It has been my absolute honor and pleasure to be your messenger between worlds in this lifetime.  Thank you.  I am forever grateful.  - Michelle 

I Am So Grateful

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